1. US-dollar Based Economy

2. NO Restrictions for Overseas Remittance

3. Very Few Restrictions for foreign incorporated

+ Common Merits among South-East Asia ; high economic growth rate, low labor cost, public peace and etc…

Cambodia has a good environment for investment and business as an sole country on US-dollar basis in South-East Asia and companies and individuals can collect funds with low interest as well as control the exchange risk. We expect this US-dollar-based economy will continue for the foreseeable future because it has a bunch of very real problems to replace it to local currencies. It is easy to remit money to most of overseas in addition to the merits that we can set up a 100%-foreign company except some exceptions and that there are few restrictions in foreign investment like Singapore. Furthermore, the fact which it has continued more than 7% economic growth for years and low labor costs are accelerating the expansion of foreign businesses to Cambodia.

Comparison of the merits to set up a company in each country:

Country Regulated Industries Money Transfer Regulation Currency Merit of this country Risk of this country
Singapore Local Efficiency Operating Cost
Cambodia USD Low wage Infrastructure
Thailand Local Infrastructure Political Instability
Vietnam Local Low wage Infrastructure
Malaysia Local Infrastructure Inefficiency
Indonesia Local Low wage Opaque legal system
Philippines Local Low wage Safety
Laos Local Low wage Infrastructure
Myanmar Local Low wage Infrastructure, Political Instability

Data showing economic growth rate

The average of economic growth rate from 1993 (the end of civil war) till 2013 is 7.73 %. The average for recent four years (from 2010 till 2013) is 7.00 %.


The World Bank "Economic Growth Rate"


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