FAIR GO REALTY (Cambodia) CO., LTD is a juridical person duly registered under the laws of Cambodia and a general real estate company initiated in Kingdom of Cambodia.

- Corporate name: FAIR GO REALTY (Cambodia) CO., LTD

- Date of establishment: 7 October 2014

- Managing Director: Hiroaki Hasegawa

- Capital: 100,000USD

- URL:

- Main phone number: +855-89-597-410

- Head office location:
  9th Floor, B-Ray Tower, Norodom Blvd, Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia 12301

Corporate Mantra

Care as you GO Help as you GrOw

Corporate Identity

We shall realize fair and equitable transactions on the real estate field in kingdom of Cambodia.

Our Vision

To be a friendship bridge between the parties by standing between foreign incorporated and investment and Kingdom of Cambodia.

Core Value

1. Pursue the realization of fair and equitable transactions.

2. Kaizen; continuously improve all operations, services and all people involved in.

3. Increase transparency of the real estate field with inquiring minds

The story of Japan-Cambodia friendship bridge

The bridge was completed in 1966 through full corporation with Japan government however it was destroyed in a bombing during civil war because of its importance in transportation. It is repaired through Japan ODA based on the request of the previous king Sihanouk in 1994 after the war although it had shown the languishing look as scars of civil war. The king called on all Cambodians "We shall follow the traffic manners when we cross the bridge as it was built with good will of Japan." This king’s word made Cambodian to follow the traffic manners when they cross the bridge although they do not usually follow the traffic manners. Since this word, the stream has been made of which two center lanes are for cars, the side lanes are for motor bikes and the edges are for pedestrians then the traffic manners have continuously been followed by Cambodians.

Chroy Changvar Bridge:

Message from president

Thank you for your access to our official website. The year of 2016 will be fourth year since I have landed and started the real estate business. We situate our office along Norodom Blvd and keep watching an ever-changing scene of real estate in Phnom Penh. Cambodia is positioned as a frontier country however it has sustained 7% economic growth rate for more than 20 years. According to the data of ministry of commerce in Cambodia, the number of foreign countries registered are increasing every year as represented by China, South Korea, Japan and etc…

Our company also receives an order increasingly from clients in the field of service, logistics and import-export as well as the demand of residences and offices are increasing. There are many of foreign business in many fields such as finance, logistics, IT, health and beauty, hospital and dental clinic, retail, restaurant, human resource and etc… You can see some of our business results through this URL.

In point of investment, this country is highly evaluated in terms of the US-dollar-based economy and the merit of no-restriction for overseas remittance. For retail investors, deposit into the local bank or buying condominiums are major investment destination as well as developing a whole serviced apartment or condominium by cooperating with a selected local partner. People raise expectations for investment from Europe and Japan after 2016 through the period of huge investments from Korea and China. The number of real estate transactions are increasing on the other hand the troubles due to fraud and ownership rights are increasing. There is a growing need for real estate agencies with a good understanding of local business custom and actual cases to realize fair and equitable real estate transactions.

We set up this incorporated named as "FAIR GO" Realty to play a role on this growing needs and expectations.

7 October 2014


- Born in 1982
- Bachelor of Engineering at Science University of Tokyo
- Executive Member of CVEA

Landed on Cambodian soil through careers after an American IT company (Tokyo) and Mitsubishi group company (Tokyo). Set up FAIR GO Realty (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd. after the career as a general manager of Japanese real estate company for approx. two years. Built a wide range of network with national companies, retail investors and local landlords.

Cambodia Valuers and Estate Agents Association (CVEA) Link: